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Nuclear Midnight

On a holiday in England, Alex Carhill is caught in the nightmare of a nuclear holocaust. In a matter of hours a mid-summer’s day is transformed into a nuclear winter. This is the story of his survival in a world that no longer has rules; where climatic extremes, murder, starvation and disease are commonplace. 
As the land slowly heals, the survivors scratch together an existence in a contaminated wasteland ravaged by plagues of insects and disease. In this world, through hardship and pain, a new society is forged based on new rules and values moulded from the demands and necessities of life. 
After years of struggle, the survivors find themselves facing their greatest adversary. One they despised and thought had long disappeared in the first months of the holocaust. Now they must marshal all their resources and strength for one last battle against an enemy bent on their destruction.

Years after the nuclear holocaust, high radiation levels, rampant disease and pestilence have created a mutant strain of bacteria that sweeps across Europe, killing many of the remaining survivors. Those that recover have changed; they are stronger, free from disease and some possess new abilities. These genetically enhanced humans call themselves Alphas and consider they are the rightful inheritors of this post-apocalyptic world.  When they discover the existence of the subterranean city of Genesis with its advanced technology, they are determined to conquer the city and take the technology. Alex and Elaine face a race against time to find a cure to the Alpha plague and stop the Alpha army sweeping across the land and destroying Genesis.  

The Ego Cluster

In a future world strafed with economic inequality, religious wars and climate extremes scientists discover a gene cluster that appears to govern the human ego. By suppressing these genes much of the  ego-driven nature of the human decision process could be converted to a more empathetic, logical and considered approach, devoid of racial, religious and economic bigotry.

Visionary scientists Ethan Hendersen and Amelia Holt form both a romantic partnership and a working one in which their characters will be tested to the limit when they are employed by a mysterious cartel to develop a treatment to eliminate the human ego. Professional colleagues Dr Doug Ashton and Caleb Fuller are also swept up in the action as the real potential of the ego cluster treatment becomes evident. This is a story of an epic battle between scientific progress and its potential to change the human mind and the entrenched mind-set of the powerful elite.


The Last Portal (Book 1)

The Last Portal-2-in use.jpg
The Flight of the Mytar-lighter-in use.j
The Battle for Cathora_kindle cover-in u

Severe storms, heatwaves and floods are sweeping across Earth. Against this backdrop, three high school students, known and tormented for their strange abilities, fight their own battles against school bullies. The discovery of a strange key plunges all three through a portal into a sister world, Cathora, in another dimension. In this world, their behaviours that labelled them as misfits on Earth turn out to be the seeds of extraordinary powers.

They soon meet the Guardian of the portal who tells them they are not normal children but are part of a group of six entities called Mytar who are periodically seeded throughout the dimensions to fight planetary invasions across these portals. Cathora has been invaded by an alien army, led by a creature known only as Zelnoff, whose next target is Earth. The Mytar alone have the power to stop him. There ensues many struggles and battles as the Mytar seek to evade Zelnoff’s forces long enough for their powers to develop so they can detect the remaining Mytar from Earth.

Chris, Susie and Joe are transported back to Earth to find the remaining Mytar. To their horror, they discover that two of the three Mytar were the bullies that had tormented them at school. With the agents of Zelnoff closing in, they are forced to transport them back to Cathora against their will.

Once there, these two new Mytar refuse to help and reignite old hatreds and conflicts. Hunted by armies of aliens and battling internal conflicts, the Mytar are chased relentlessly through the underworld. It becomes a race against time to develop their powers and resolve their differences so they can find the sixth Mytar and develop their powers before they are captured and killed by Zelnoff’s forces.

After many battles with a creature only known as Zelnoff, the Mytar finally discover and transport the sixth Mytar from Earth to Cathora, completing the last member of their group. However, their Mytar powers are still underdeveloped and require intensive training to reach their true potential. In contrast, Zelnoff has gained more of the Mytar powers and his armies roam the planet unopposed. When a circling Zentor finds their hiding place, the Mytar are forced to flee to the Mistlands where they are ambushed and scattered.
With the situation seemingly hopeless, they discover critical information which points to a potential weakness in Zelnoff. With this information, one last desperate plan is devised. The Mytar must pool all their powers to fight an alien army and penetrate deep into Zelnoff’s territory, if they have any chance of defeating him.

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